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  • 2 NVSHL Virginia State Champions:  2019 and 2022
  • 14 Consecutive NVSHL Playoff Appearances:  2009 - 2022 
  • Participates in the NVSHL, a fully sanctioned USA Hockey High School League
  • Offers full Varsity and JV programs
    • Varsity is our competitive, full contact with checking  program, and practices weekly at SkateQuest
    • JV is the developmental, non-checking program, and practices weekly at Loudoun Ice

Details Regarding Varsity and Junior Varsity:

  1. The primary differences between the two programs are the skill level of the players and the presence of a State Championship playoff series for Varsity.  There is no playoff at the JV level.

    • The Varsity program is our competitive program.  Being successful in the league is the top priority.  Fielding teams that represent the highest form of competitive ability is a weighted factor in roster selection.

    • The JV program is our developmental program.  Emphasis is placed on skills Development.  There is no playoff series, so the win/loss record is inconsequential.

  2. The Varsity league is highly competitive and plays at a higher level of skill than the JV team.

    • Only our top 16-players, regardless of class year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior), get to play in Varsity games (9-forwards, 6-defensman and #1 goalie).

    • No underclassman, regardless of skill, should expect to play at the Varsity level.  This is NOT to say that underclassmen are ineligible.  If, in the estimation of the coaching staff, an underclassman meets the conditions stated in sup-para 2.a (above) or 2.g (below), they will be rostered for a Varsity game.

    • Positions on the Varsity team are earned and retained based on demonstrated skill, commitment, ability to synergize with teammates AND line mates, trainability, and attendance at practice.

    • The Varsity team seeks to qualify for the State Championship play-offs; therefore, priority is given to being as competitive as possible.

    • No player has the right to play in a Varsity game, regardless of class year.  No player is entitled to play at the Varsity level – it is merit based.  Even if a player has been playing at the Varsity level, it is possible to be temporarily or permanently replaced by another player, including underclassmen.

    • The player talent pool is dynamic.  It evolves over time.  For example:

      • A new player with a high level of skill and experience joins the program, suddenly shifting player rankings.

      • Each individual player’s skill level increases over the span of their careers AND within any given season, affecting the rankings and shifting who qualifies under sub-para 2.a (above).

    • Varsity veterans can be replaced by another player at any time in accordance with subparagraph 2.a (above).

    • Although the core of the Varsity game roster is usually consistent, the game roster for each game can vary depending on player availability and coaching decisions.

    • It is not uncommon to add 3-additional players to a game roster for a total of 18-skaters.  The additional 3-players are there as extra subs and should not expect to get a regular shift.  Usually these 3-additional players consist of players who are on the cusp of becoming a Varsity starter, are underclassman that the coaching staff wants to evaluate in the Varsity environment, or the players have been rostered in order to meet some other coaching objective.  Any player added to a game roster in this capacity should NOT feel slighted if their ice time is minimal.

  3. The JV program is not considered a competitive program.  The win/loss record is immaterial.  Priority is given to improving the individual skill level of aspiring Varsity players.

    • The purpose of the JV team is to build a broader and deeper talent pool within the organization.

    • The JV team plays at the Junior Varsity (JV) level and NOT playoff bound.  Game results are not used as a metric for program success.

    • Some players do play in both JV and Varsity games, based on the needs of the program and the developmental objectives of the coaching staff.

    • Although an effort is made to afford every club member an opportunity to earn their Varsity Letter by the end of their Senior season, no promises are made; players should not expect that earning a Varsity Letter is automatic.

We do have a wide spectrum of skill in our program.  We welcome all new players who meet the minimum criteria and their skill level is sufficient enough for them to play safely.

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