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Please read the 'Minimum Player Requirements' (below) and ensure they are satisfied before signing up

Players must matriculate to Langley High School for team eligibility

Minimum Player Requirements

Although we welcome all full‐time Langley students, players must meet certain minimum skill and ability levels.  We do not turn away any student who wants to participate if they can skate to a minimum acceptable level and have some hockey experience.

  1. The Langley Hockey Club IS NOT a learn-to-skate or learn-to play organization.  We simply do not have the coaching staff or ice time to train players who are not at least able to play effectively at the House Recreation level for their age group.

  2. High school hockey is very highly competitive at the Varsity level.  However, our JV program is considered a developmental program and is designed to build player skill and confidence over time The Varsity program is full-contact (checking) hockey.  The JV program is non-checking (contact incidental to puck battles is permissible).

  3. The average level of skill in the Varsity program is on par with USA Hockey Tier 2 (AA) Travel Team competition.  It is important to note that there are many players in the league who also play at the USA Hockey Tier 1 (AAA) level.

  4. The Langley Hockey Club is not designed for beginning hockey players.  In order to be able to participate in a meaningful way, a player considering joining the club should be able to perform the following maneuvers in skates:

    • Players must be able to skate forwards and backwards with an acceptable degree of stability (should not wobble).

    • Players should be able to glide on one foot at medium speed (both feet).

    • Players must be able to perform a hard stop (two-skate) on both sides (left-facing and right-facing) at medium speed.

    • Players must be able to perform cross-over turns to both sides at half-speed.

  5. Players must be able to perform two-foot power turns to both sides at full speed.

  6. Players must be able to perform all of the above, both WITH and WITHOUT a puck.

  7. If a player is able to perform these maneuvers, even at a low degree of skill and speed, he (or she) is eligible to try out for the program.

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